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Filattiera Route – Ciclovia dei Castelli

Filattiera Route

Enter the path of the Municipality of Filattiera just out of the Municipality of Pontremoli on the paved road. Cycle for about a kilometer before leaving the main road.
Turn left, following the appropriate brown signage of the cycle path. From here a section of the route will be the same as the Via Francigena.
Continue along the railway, through fields and along the hills. Exit in the provincial road 35 (paved) and continue following the sign to the village of Ponticello. Both, on the road to reach the village and inside, it is possible to see the ancient “tower-houses” some even inhabited to this day. These were defence structures of medieval origin, later used as granaries and then as dwellings.
Leaving the village of Ponticello, follow the path, cross an ancient bridge over the Caprio stream and enter an ancient chestnut forest.

Pay attention to the cobblestone descent during the winter season for any ice on the route.
Leaving the woods, you will find yourself in front of the railway, which in the locality of Migliarina rises above a bridge similar to a large aqueduct. You will emerge on the main road, which is simple to cross to continue through a group of houses, in the plane of the Magra River.
The route continues through the fields and horse farms in the “plain of the Magra” (“Piana della Magra” as we say in Lunigiana). Continue and you will find yourself in a beautiful tree-lined avenue, lined with the “Ranch Silvia” and its horses. At the end of Viale Alberato turning left exit the path and in less than a kilometre you will find the beautiful Pieve di Sorano and the tourist Infopoint of Filattiera.
If you continue on the right hand side of the cycle path you will find a maintenance point near a fountain with drinking water. Continuing the path on the lean until you reach the main road again. Cycling on the long tree-lined avenue (asphalted) you will leave the town of Filattiera towards the municipality of Bagnone.

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