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Fourth Stage in Lunigiana


From Filetto to Terrarossa

From the walled village of Filetto, the route continues in the direction of Virgoletta, in the Comune di Villafranca.

Before arriving in the village of ” Verrucoletta “, however, it is necessary to cross the Bagnone stream through a recently built wooden bridge. The walk up to the village of Virgoletta is quick, once at the entrance to the village the pilgrim’s effort is rewarded by the beauty of this small village, rich in history and traditions. Leaving the village of Virgoletta behind us, we continue our journey along a paved road that leads us to the old washhouses of the village, near the Vigesola stream .

In these washhouses, even today, there are two fountains from which very fresh water flows, usually drunk and bottled by the people living there. After passing a stretch and a beautiful marble majesty depicting Saint Orsola, you reach the village cemetery, from which a path which leads to the locality of Sterpilla begins. This part of the Francigena is characterized by the constant presence of the typical mixed tree woods of Lunigiana with chestnut, poplar and oak trees.

The most observant walkers will be able to see, along the way, ancient signs of human passage, such as the “paved” path and the presence of a boundary stone probably used to delimit the territorial area of the Florentine Captainship of Castiglione del Terziere.

After passing the thickest part of the wood, a wonderful view of the Apuan Alps can be seen as a sign that the path is moving further and further south. Once in Fornoli , a small rural village in the borough of Villafranca in Lunigiana, you find yourself in front of a beautiful bridge with two sandstone arches, built in a surrounding of rare beauty. After passing the village of Fornoli, continue your journey until you reach the Castle of Terrarossa, an imposing manor house dating back to the period of the Malaspina family in the Borough of Licciana Nardi. This building houses the Albino Fontana Natural Library and a Tourist Information Point.

(Text by Lunigiana World and Sigeric – Servizi per il Turismo)

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