Castello di Bagnone

Bagnone Castle:
Castle overlooking the Bagnone Valley

Bagnone Castle is located on the highest hill and is clearly visible as soon as you enter the town. It is dominated by an imposing cylindrical stone tower, crowned by the corbels of the plumbing system with archer and wider framed openings. The tower remains the only surviving structure of the castle, today it has completely disappeared and partly incorporated into smaller buildings of the villa of the Ruschi-Noceti family. The castle is privately owned and cannot be visited.


Bagnone Castle was built in the 4th century by the Malaspina dello Spino Fiorito dynasty of Filattiera. Subsequently, around the middle of 1400 it passed under the dominion of the Counts Noceti and subsequently under the Florentine government to return to the Ruschi-Noceti family, until a few years ago it was still inhabited by the last Countess Noceti.
The first written source that mentions the castle is a document dated 1148. The castle was built first and then the village, which over time incorporated it.

Where the Bagnone castle is located

Bagnone Castle is located in what was the oldest part of the village of Bagnone in the municipality of the same name . It is well indicated with special signs that you will find on the road to the village of Bagnone.

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