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Castello di Filattiera

Filattiera Castle: Malaspina Castle from the 13th century

Filattiera Castle, built by the Malaspina family and today privately owned, is the first building that one encounters upon entering the village of Filattiera, located high above the Magra River and the route of the Via Francigena in a strategic position in the valley. From the castle you can see the the Magra River and the village of Mulazzo among other places.

Where is Filattiera Castle

Filattiera Castle is located at the entrance to the medieval village of Filattiera in Lunigiana, called by its inhabitants simply “Filattiera alta”. From the provincial road, follow the road to the medieval village indicated as “center”, at the end of the road you are immediately in front of the castle. Park and walk up the road for about 50m reaching the square in the medieval village. The castle walls line the entrance-way and part of the square.

Historical News

Unlike other Malaspinian fiefdoms of Lunigiana, that of Filattiera is characterized by the succession of different domains: from the Roman, to the Byzantine, to the Lombard. This has led for about a thousand years to the placement of defensive structures, according to the needs of the various eras. Consequently, the ruins of the various fortifications and the first castle are still visible, on the other side of the town, in the area of the Piazzina di San Giorgio.
The structure of the current Filattiera Castle, renovated in the 15th century, occupies two sides of the main square and is equipped with imposing walls crowned by a Ghibelline battlements added during the renovations by the current owners, the Cesare Buglia family. The interior, refurbished after the restorations, is partly open to visitors: in the hall on the ground floor a single central stone pillar supports four cross vaults, while outside it is possible to access the splendid castle garden.

Here you will find

Also inside the medieval part of Filattiera you can visit the ancient Church of San Giorgio, and from the outside admire what remains of the first castle of this town. While in the Borgo di Co ‘you can admire the ancient hospital of San Jacopo di Altopascio, which was used by the pilgrims of the Via Francigena. Outside the medieval village, but still inside the village, you can admire and visit the ancient Pieve di Sorano, which is located right in front of the tourist information point of the Comune di Filattiera.

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