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Castello di Pallerone

Visitare la Lunigiana

Pallerone Castle: Seventeenth-century residence that belonged to the Malaspina family

A large garden opens at the entrance to the residence, decorated with pebbles that form an original Ligurian mosaic. Pallerone Castle is composed of a large internal hall enriched by numerous frescoes dating back to 1600 and attributed to the painter Stefano Lemmi, exponent of the Bolognese school. The main room is then surrounded by the adjoining rooms. A family chapel also exists inside the castle, where weddings are still held today. Since the last meticulous restoration, the Castle has opened its doors to these and other cultural events.
Pallerone Castle was the seat in 1875 of the meeting of all the Marquis Malaspina, who asked for the help of the Emperor to hold discussions concerning the French Revolution and in 1816 it hosted the Duke of Modena Francesco IV D’Este.

Where is the Castle of Pallerone

The castle is located just before arriving in Pallerone, in the municipality of Aulla .

Nearby you can find

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