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Castello di Tresana

Tresana Castle: Ancient medieval castle, today an accommodation facility

Tresana Castle is perched in the highest part of the medieval village of Tresana . It stands on a rock that dominates the valley of the Osca river from above, a tributary of the Magra river.
The place chosen for the construction was strategic: the rock on which it stands has steep slopes and almost vertical walls that make the castle inaccessible and easily defensible. The castle has a breathtaking view that extends from the valley to the Apuan Alps.
Built by the Malaspina Marquises of the Spino Secco family, who dominated the rights to the Magra river for long centuries, the castle underwent numerous construction phases. The oldest phase being between the eleventh and twelfth centuries with the construction of the quadrangular tower, about 27 meters tall.
Other extensions were carried out between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, when the quadrangular tower was flanked by another tower, this time with a semicircular base.
In 1565 Tresana became an independent fiefdom thanks to the investiture of Guglielmo Malaspina by Emperor Maximilian II of Habsburg, who granted him the right to mint coins in 1571. Thus the Mint of Tresana was formed. Only two other Malaspinian fiefdoms had the right to mint their own currency: Malaspina di Fosdinovo and Cybo-Malaspina di Massa. The history of the Mint of Tresana sadly ended with the excommunication of the Marquis, since from 1588 the Mint of Tresana became famous for the forgery of coins, including those of the Papal State.

The following centuries were marked by numerous turbulent events: at first the population of Tresana sided against the Marquis Malaspina, killing one of the younger brothers of the Marquis William II in 1650. Marquis William II also died the following year without leaving legitimate heirs. The fiefdom of Tresana was then occupied by the Spaniards, who sold it to the Corsini princes of Florence. With the arrival of the French in 1797, Tresana passed under the control of Napoleon .
After the Congress of Vienna the castle returned to the princes of Florence, who in 1856 sold it to Mr. Rossi. In 2009 the castle became the property of the Maneschi Foundation, after an expropriation procedure undertaken thanks to the current provisions of the Code of Cultural Heritage.
In 2010, a massive overall restoration of the castle began with the aim of bringing it back to life and making it functional for tourist reception.
It is possible to stay and visit Tresana Castle, for more information visit the official website.

How to reach Tresana Castle

From Aulla follow the signs for Terrarossa, immediately after Terrarossa Castle, turn left and follow the signs for Barbarasco. Pass the village of Barbarasco and follow the signs towards Tresana. At the end of the road, you will find the town square. The entrance to the castle is located right on the square of the medieval village of Tresana.

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