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Castello Malaspina di Monti

Malaspina Castle of Monti: Medieval castle from the 11th century, still owned by the first feudal lords

Built in the 11th century by the Malaspina family, the Malaspina di Monti Castle is located in a strategic point for dominating the Taverone Valley and its communication routes including the very important road to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Abbey of Linari.
The village of Monti, called Venelia in ancient times, is one of the oldest human settlement areas in Lunigiana, as evidenced by the discovery of five stele statues from the Paleolithic era.
Although Malaspina Castle of Monti was built for military purposes, in the 16th century thanks to the Marquis Moroello Malaspina, it was transformed into a stately home, embellishing the Castle and its rooms as we know it today with vaulted ceilings and huge monumental fireplaces.
In 1920 a big earthquake ruined the structure of the Castle which was restored with particular care and attention by the Malaspina family, bringing back the ancient splendor that today we can appreciate through the guided tours of the Sigeric – Servizi per il Turismo guide cooperative.

How to visit the Malaspina Castle of Monti

Although the Castle remains a private home, its doors are opened according to the annual calendar of visits, it is possible to consult the calendar on the Sigeric website below.

Where is the Malaspina Castle of Monti

The Castle is located in the village of Monti, in the municipality of Licciana Nardi .

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