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Castello Malaspina di Verrucola

Malaspina Castle of Verrucola: One of the most beautiful fortified buildings in Lunigiana

Also known as the Verrucola Fortress, the Castle is located in the medieval village of Verrucola, in the Municipality of Fivizzano. Right between the Mommio stream and the Collegnago canal. Located in a strategic place: the road that connected Lunigiana to Reggio Emilia and Modena, was fought over several times between the families of Bosi, Malaspina, Lucchesi, Milanesi and the Duchy of Florence. Over the centuries it endured various conquests and, therefore, rerouting of the fundamental artery on the road that connects Lunigiana to the Po Valley through the Cerreto Pass and the upper part of the Garfagnana,.

The architecture of the castle includes the castle walls, the court, the chapel and numerous towers. In the 15th century the church of Santa Margherita was built next to the castle, but the castle itself has largely maintained its original architecture: three large halls one above the other. The armory on the ground floor of the castle is particularly beautiful with a large octagonal pillar in the center.
In 1977 the Verrucola castle was bought by the famous sculptor Pietro Cascella, who completely renovated it. The castle is currently owned and occupied by Iacopo Cascella, the son of Pietro Cascella, an accomplished sculptor in his own right.

Where the Verrucola Castle is located

The castle is located less than two kilometers from Fivizzano.

Nearby you can find

Borgo di Fivizzano, Bozzi delle Fate, Pozze di Magliano, Lago Padule, Museo di Arte Sacra di San Giovanni, Castello dell’Aquila.

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