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Castello di Corlaga

Corlaga Castle: Medieval castle from 1535

Corlaga Castle is a medieval Lunigiana castle built by Leonardo Malaspina around 1535. The castle cannot be visited today. It is owned by the Biagini family who kindly opened their doors to us some time ago.

Where is Corlaga Castle

The castle is located about 2.5 km from Bagnone (MS) in the Borgo di Corlaga, on the slopes of the pre-Apennines.


The Borgo di Corlaga appears for the first time in historical sources in 1296 when its church is mentioned among the dependencies of the Pieve di Sorano. The village is part of the Malaspinian fiefdoms of Spino Fiorito, linked to the chief fief of Filattiera, until 1351 when the autonomous fiefdom of Treschietto was established. In 1523 Corlaga became an independent fiefdom under the leadership of Leonardo Malaspina. The reconstruction of the ancient fortification (of which we know very little) probably corresponds to this moment, which was transformed into a noble residence. However, the fiefdom was short-lived because in 1535 the palace was attacked by the inhabitants of Corlaga themselves, who imprisoned Leonardo Malaspina and killed some of his children. After a few days the marquis was poisoned and the castle destroyed . Shortly after Corlaga was passed onto the Florentine dominion. The history of the Castle and the village are well described by Branchi in the famous “History of the feudal Lunigiana”, of which the owners of the castle keep a rare edition.

Nearby you can find

Pozze di Corlaga, Bozzi di Vico Valle, Castello di Bagnone, Cascata del Torrente Acquetta, Anguillara, Archivio Museo della Memoria.

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