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Fortezza della Brunella

Brunella Fortress: A Renaissance Fortress in Aulla

The Brunella Fortress is located on the hill above Aulla overlooking the city. Of Renaissance origin, it was built in a strategic position from where the confluence of the Aulella river into the Magra river controls a part of the valley.
The first sources citing Brunella date back to 1553 and discusses the full military function of the structure. It is assumed that its construction took place in the place where a small medieval fort once stood. Over the centuries, the Brunella fortress has remained the most imposing military work in Lunigiana.

After centuries of different domains, in 1860 the building was resold several times, also becoming a private residence. In 1977 it was purchased by the Italian State, which entrusted it to the management of the municipality of Aulla, which chose it as the site of a museum.

Architecturally, the Brunella Fortress has a square plan, with 4 imposing rectangular towers at each corner, surrounded by a large moat. The grandeur of the structure is given by the enormous walls that distinguish it.
Today the fortress houses the Lunigiana Natural History Museum (Museo della Storia Naturale della Lunigiana).
Sigeric, a cooperative of environmental guides, periodically organizes activities such as treasure hunts for children inside the Fortress.

Where the Brunella Fortress is located

The Fortress is located in Aulla.

How to reach the Brunella Fortress

Once in Aulla, follow the signs for the Brunella Fortress.

Nearby you can find

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