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Villa Dosi Delfini

The Pontremolese Baroque Masterpiece

Still today owned by the original family, it is the masterpiece of the Baroque style in Pontremoli. The villa was built in the seventeenth century at the behest of the brothers Francesco and Carlo Dosi, which was completely decorated with frescoes and splendid quadrature by Francesco Natali and Alessandro Gherardini.
At the entrance there are two imposing Lebanese cedar trees planted in 1863 on the birth date of the current owner’s grandfather. A curiosity for tourists: both cedars are missing the tips, knocked down by the passage of airplanes during the Second World War.

How to reach the Villa

The Villa can only be reached on foot through a charming tree-lined avenue, which in March turns pink thanks to the flowering plums.
Once in Pontremoli, park in the “I Chiosi” area, near the Cresa bridge. Take the tree-lined road and pass the stone arch and the bridge from 1700, follow the road to the end.

How to visit Villa Dosi Delfini

Every year from spring to autumn the Villa opens its doors to visitors through guided tours of the Sigeric Cooperative. We advise you to consult the Calendar of openings and times here .
Villa Dosi Delfini is located right on the Pontremoli route of the Ciclovia dei Castelli, the first Lunigiana Cycle-Lane.

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