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Pavesi Negri-Baldini Villa

Historic residence with a splendid Baroque garden

The Villa Pavesi Negri-Baldini was built in the first half of the eighteenth century (about 1711-1740) at the behest of the 3 Pavesi brothers. The work was entrusted to Giovanni Battista Natali and Antonio Contestabili, leading exponents of the Baroque in Pontremoli during those years.

The main feature of the Villa is its wonderful garden: a perfect example of the Baroque style, in extreme contrast with the simplicity of the large house. The Villa is arranged on two floors: a series of superimposed arcades allow the entrance to the upper floor, where the master bedrooms and the reception rooms are located. The whole property is surrounded by a dense chestnut grove.

At the front of the garden there is a beautiful nymphaeum (a monument to the nymphs), at the end of which a double staircase leads to the upper section. A garden surrounded by stone walls and balustrades adorned with beautiful hedges, fountains, statues, masks and large lemons.

<h3>Where is the Pavesi Negri-Baldini Villa located</h3>
The Villa is located in the locality of Scorano Comune di Pontremoli. The position on the slopes of Mount Codolo gives the villa a splendid view over the entire valley and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

<h3>How to Reach the Villa</h3>
Once you arrive in Pontremoli, follow the signs for “Casa Corvi”, pass the town and follow the signs for “Scorano”. After the bridge over the highway, continue to the end.

<h3>How to visit it</h3>
The Villa opens its doors every year during the summer, within some events including “Historic Houses” and “Chiese Castelli Palazzi Aperti” thanks to the collaboration of the tourist guides of the Sigeric Cooperative.

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