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Groppodalosio Bridge

Romanesque bridge from 1594

The Groppodalosio bridge is found just outside the locality of Groppodalosio in the Pontremoli township. Along the ancient Via Francigena halway between the Cisa Pass and Pontremoli. It was built to unite the localities of Groppodalosio and Casalina. The bridge, having a flavor of the epical, as well as science fiction (almost as if out of Tolkein), has come to be known by the local inhabitants as the Bridge of the Dark Valley, named after the splendid valley in which it’s to be found.
The bridge’s principal feature is its extremely round and pronounced arch more than 16 meters above the Magra River, surrounded by old chestnut stands and terraces of olive trees and vines cultivated by the local inhabitants.

How to reach the Groppodalasio Bridge

From Pontremoli follow the road for Cirone Pass (SP42). Past the localities of Molinello and Previdé, follow the road to the town of Groppodalaio. One can reach the bridge on foot from the town, otherwise by car from Casalina, parking not far away.

Nearby we find

The Piscio di Pracchiola Falls, the Colombara-Pracchiola Bridge, the Statue Stele Museum, the Piagnaro Castle, the Dosi-Delfini Villa.

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