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Ethnographical Museum of Lunigiana

The Museum of Lunigiana’s culture and traditions

The Ethnographical Museum of local history is in Villafranca in Lunigiana and it aims to preserve the objects that are connected to customs, beliefs, traditions and culture of a bygone era of this area.
The artefacts present in the museum are divided into three groups according to their use in the past. They have been divided and put on display on the three floors of the museum.

The first group shows objects used in daily life: food, the working of chestnuts, milk and canvas, cloth weaving, wicker weaving and the various stages of wine production.
On the middle floor there are materials and objects used in wood, iron and stone work and their by products.
The lower floor has been renovated: it was formerly the ground floor of the old village mill. On this floor it is possible to see the original equipment once used to ground the various products, the olive presses as well as other tools and work implements used in agriculture in the area.
The Museum has 4 multimedia touch-screen stations where it is possible to listen and watch the Public Library’s audio-visual collection of rare vintage photographs, several videos, audio interviews and documentaries about Lunigiana’s culture.

Where is it?

The museum is situated at the entrance of the ancient hamlet of Villafranca in Lunigiana.

How to get there

After arriving at the village, it is possible to park in the Piazza Aeronautica Car Park and then walk across the beautiful medieval bridge.

Nearby you can find

Borgo di Villafranca in Lunigiana, Borgo di Filetto, Selva di Filetto, Conca del Merizzo, borgo di Virgoletta, Castello di Malgrate.

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