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Memorial Archive Museum

Lunigiana’s Social History Museum

The MAM (Memorial Archive Museum) is dedicated to the written and oral memory of the social history of Lunigiana keeping alive the bond between the territory, its people and its culture.

The museum’s multimedia path focuses on female rights and working conditions in Lunigiana from the post-war period to today. This is to highlight the social problems of the local populations emphasized by the Second World War and the Resistance. So it shows the social life of Lunigiana and gives an in-depth analysis of the reasons that prompted the people of this land to migrate in search of better living conditions.
It is possible to see the migratory paths used by the local people and hear some real life stories of the so – called ” barsane “: women from Lunigiana who moved to sell their products in Tuscany and Northern Italy.

The openings are conducted by the Sigeric guides: Spring-Autumn (April – October) 09:30 to 13:00, 16:00 to 18:00.

Where is the Memorial Archive Museum?

The Museum is situated in the Council Room of the Town Hall of Bagnone, in Piazza Roma. The entrance is next to the Tourist Infopoint.

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