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Monia Waterfall

Monia Stream Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is located in the Monia stream, which flows between the Boroughs of Filattiera and Villafranca in Lunigiana. It is possible to reach the waterfall by going up the river or by walking down from the village of Irola. The walk upstream is not particularly difficult but to reach the waterfall it takes an hour and a half but the magnificent view is definitely worth the effort.
Near the waterfall there are ruins of an ancient abandoned mill, called Mulino del Debbia, which was probably used by the inhabitants of the villages of Irola and Villa and those of the surrounding woods until the beginning of the 1900s.

How to get to the waterfall:

Once in the square of Irola di Sotto, go down from the Tower house of the village following the directions. The first stretch is on a wide path in the woods. Halfway down the path becomes steeper but is not dangerous. Be careful on the last stretch, especially with wet ground, as the path is steep and friable path.
If you want to be guided to the waterfall, use our completely free App LunigianaWorld>Places>Nature>Ccascata del torrente Monia

Difficulty level: hiking
Time: about 30 minutes
You have to use trekking shoes. Pay attention in case of wet ground.
Recommended period for walking down from Irola: all year round.
Recommended period for walking upstream: summer
Family with children 10+

Nearby you will find

La antica Pieve di Sorano, il Castello di Filattiera e il borgo medievale di Filattiera.

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