Ponte Antico di Iera e Lago “ad Cept”

Ancient Bridge of Iera and “Ad Cept” Lake: A humpback bridge hidden in the valleys of Bagnone

Near the small town of Iera, in the municipality of Bagnone, hides an interesting medieval bridge. Its main characteristic is its “humpback” shape. Continuing down the trail, you will find ancient mills, and then arrive at a lovely small lake hidden among the mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

How to reach Iera’s Ancient Bridge and “Ad Cept” Lake

When you arrive in the town of Iera, you will see an ancient humpback bridge on the right side of the street. From here, a path leads to the bridge and “Ad Cept” Lake. After crossing the bridge, turn right and continue for about 2 minutes. Here you will find the only detour along the route. Do not take the path on the right which goes down along the river, but instead the one on the left that goes uphill. After a 3-minute walk and veering right, you will go downhill to reach the remains of the ancient mills of Iera.

Continue following the signs indicating Collesino-Lusana-Valle del Deglio. This 5-minute stretch takes you between the ancient walls on an old path that connected Iera to Collesino. The path is not maintained, and in this short stretch, the trail may be slightly overgrown, but is still easily walkable. You exit the woods, then continue to the left onto a wide dirt road that will take you to the ancient bridge and the Lake “ad Cept” in 2 minutes. Before crossing the bridge, you will find Lake “ad Cept” a few meters away on the left. Another beautiful pool is located under the ancient bridge. To reach the pool, you cross the bridge, then turn right, and descend for a few tens of meters until you reach the riverbank (there is a large fallen tree in this short stretch, but it’s easy to navigate around it). The walk along the river to reach the pool is very short.

Difficulty: Hiking
Time: 15 minutes
Hiking boots necessary.
Watch out for slippery rocks on the very brief section along the river
Visiting in the afternoon is recommended to enjoy the color of the water. Recommended time of year: year round
Suitable for ages 16 and up

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