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Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco

Short walk in Equi Forest up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco was built to commemorate the apparition in 1600 of the Madonna in this place to some young shepherd-girls who had lost their flock. After reassuring them, Our Lady urged them to convince the inhabitants of Equi to build a chapel on that cliff.
Over the centuries, other stories related to miraculous events in this place have been added.

Where the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco is

The sanctuary of the Madonna del Bosco is situated in the forest just above the village of Equi Terme, in the Comune di Fivizzano, at the foot of the Apuan Alps.

How to reach the Santuario della Madonna del Bosco

Once in the village of Equi Terme, go towards Via del Portico. From here a path in the woods starts, going up along the side of the mountain for about 900metres.
Beautiful and easy excursion without any danger, the journey there takes about 30 minutes, the slope is medium and with a change in altitude of about 200 metres. Fom where  the Sanctuary is situated you can enjoy a splendid view of the Apuan Alps and the caves of Equi Terme.

Difficulty level: Hiking
Time: about 30 minutes

Trekking shoes recommended

Recommended period: all year round

Families with children 8+

Nearby you will find

Le Grotte di Equi Terme, le Acque Termali di Equi, il Ponte di Bocciari, la Tecchia di Tenerano, il Ponte di Santa Lucia ed il paese di Vinca, teatro dell’eccidio nazista verso la popolazione durante la II Guerra Mondiale alle pendici delle Alpi Apuane.

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