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The Ancient Mill of Rocca Sigillina

Mill at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Park

The ancient mill of Rocca Sigillina is located in homonymous village in the Comune di Filattiera. It is in a privileged position, where the river levels off, creating an excellent place for a swim. It is on one of the trekking and nature trails of Filattiera in Lunigiana.

How to reach the ancient mill of Rocca Sigillina

Once in Rocca Sigillina, go down the dirt track following the CAI signs. After approx.5 minutes you will come to a bridge. You must not cross it, it is not recommended to take the small path next to the bridge, as it is very steep and not at all feasible. Walk around the big tree on the left before the bridge, (photo A) continue for 20 metres and you will find a clearly visible path that goes down and leads you to all the way to the river a few metres from the mill.
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Difficulty level: hiker.
Time: 10 minutes
Recommended use of trekking shoes
Be careful in case of wet ground
Recommended period: May – September
Families with children 8+

Nearby you will find

Pozze della Rocca Sigillina, Castello di Filattiera, Pieve di Sorano, Cascata della Monia, Prati di Logarghena.

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