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Lunigiana Natural History Museum

The natural elements of Lunigiana inside the Brunella Fortress

This museum displays important elements from the world of Flora and Fauna present in the whole of Lunigiana. From the area surrounding the Magra River to the valleys then from the hills all the way to the to the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine Mountains.
The exhibition is located in four different rooms where it s possible to follow a pre-established explicatory path containing posters with all the relevant information about the exhibits on show which allows visitors to discover the beautiful biodiversity of this territory.
Only guided visits are allowed. Guided tours start every 45 minutes on fixed opening days. From April to June 2022: the Fortress is open to the public on SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS from 2.30pm to 6pm. To find out more, visit the Sigeric web page, clicking the link below.
The Sigeric guides regularly organize activities for children, such as treasure hunts inside the fortress.

Where is the Museo di Storia Naturale della Lunigiana?

The museum is located in Aulla, inside the Brunella Fortress .

How to reach the Museum

After arriving in Aulla, follow the signs to the Brunella Fortress.

Nearby you will find

Museo dell’Abbazia di San Caprasio, Borgo di Caprigliola, Borgo di Bibola, i sentieri della Quinta Tappa della Via Francigena in Lunigiana, il Castello di Pallerone.

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