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Why Lunigiana World?

Lunigiana, the borderland between Tuscany, Liguria and Emilia Romagna

Lunigiana World shares the beauty, history and unmissable places of Lunigiana.
Discover a territory rich in ancient villages, castlestraditions and culinary specialties.

Experience nature with the Mtb cycle paths, the Ciclovia dei Castelli, the hidden streams in their natural environment, together with waterfalls and pools to enjoy a wild swim, River Trekking to the Straits of Giaredo and so much more!

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What to see in Lunigiana


Castello di Comano

Comano Castle: Medieval Fortification of 884 The castle of Comano is a medieval fortification located in the municipality of Comano where today only the ruins

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Historical Bridges

Bocciari Bridge

18th century bridge, site of many discoveries of Statue Stele The Bocciari Bridge is found in the Bocciari Wood in the locality of Bardine (Fivizzano

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Castello dell’Aquila

Eagle Castle: Imposing 13th century castle The Castello dell’Aquila is located on the top of the hill overlooking the village of Gragnola, at the confluence

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