Castello Malaspina di Lusuolo

Malaspina Castle of Lusuolo: Seat of the Museum of the Emigration of the people of Tuscany

Lusolo Castle is a fortress of high medieval origin, in the municipality of Mulazzo. Its position is strategic: located on a hill overlooking an ancient ford on the Magra river as well as a stretch of the Via Francigena. The castle is clearly visible on the stretch of highway between Pontremoli and Aulla.
Given its strategic position, the Castle and the fortified village of Lusuolo suffered numerous attacks and internal disorders over the centuries. The Castle was conquered by the various powers that fought over the Lunigiana: from the Genoese Campofregoso to the Florentines to the Milanese.
The Castle was originally part of the Feud of Corrado Malaspina Marquis of Mulazzo. The oldest part of the structure dates back to the mid-fourteenth century, when Lusuolo became an independent feud with the first Marquis Azzone Malaspina. In 1450 the castle fell into the hands of the Genoese, who partially demolished it.
Today Lusuolo Castle houses the Museum of the Emigration of the people of Tuscany , open on weekends during the summer season.

Where Lusuolo Castle is located

Lusuolo Castle is located just outside the fortified village of the same name, in the municipality of Mulazzo .

How to reach the Lusuolo Castle

From Villafranca in Lunigiana, follow the directions for Mulazzo. Once you have crossed the large bridge over the Magra river, turn left following the signs for Lusuolo.

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