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First Stage in Lunigiana

From the Cisa Pass to Groppoli Valdantena

The Cisa Pass, the most important pass in the northern Apennines, marks the entrance to the Via Francigena in Tuscany .

After passing the wooden doorway which can be found immediately behind the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia, follow the 00 trail along the ridge for a short distance, then begin a slow descent through beech and conifer woods up to the Righedo Pass, where the Francigena crosses the SS 62.

You are right above the village of Montelungo, perhaps the ancient “Saint Benedict” indicated on the itinerary of Sigeric from Canterbury.

Continuing along the ridge, in a few minutes we reach the crest of Monte Cucchero, a real natural terrace located on  the upper Magra valley from which we can admire an extraordinary 360-degree view: from the Valleys of Zeri to the peak of Monte Molinatico, from the Cisa to the Valoria saddle (the ancient pass fdating back to Roman times), up to Groppo del Vescovo and the imposing massif of the Orsaro chain.

From here the path suddenly goes down steeply among hornbeams and  turkey oaks towards the Val d’Antena, to reach the picturesque stone villages of Cavezzana and Groppoli.

(Text by Lunigiana World and Sigeric – Servizi per il Turismo)

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