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Palazzo Pavesi – Ruschi Noceti

Eighteenth-century Pontremolese Palace

The palace built at the behest of the Pavesi family, who over the years bought several adjacent housing units with the aim of creating a palace in the city center that reflected the importance of the family. In 1688 Lorenzo Pavesi made his first purchase: he bought the old palace of the Belmesseri Counts, including all the shops, the funds and the vegetable garden, located between the house and the Green River which passes through the ancient Cresa bridge. Subsequently, the adjacent structures were also purchased, including Casa Capi.

In 1708, at the behest of Lorenzo, the restoration work began which was documented for the entire duration of the work. The most important restructuring, however, took place between 1734 and 1743 thanks to the brothers Giuseppe, Francesco and Paolo, Lorenzo’s sons.

The most important document is from 1734, which explains the desire to unify the various bodies acquired and give the whole building a single architectural line, clearly demonstrating the desire to follow a project conceived by “Master Architects”. The palace is entirely frescoed by Giovan Battista Natali and his assistants, including his nephew Antonio Contestabili.
The Pavesi family thus gradually created a single large palace, clearly visible also from the Green River, with three imposing facades, two entrances and two terraced courtyards.

Where is the Pavesi-Ruschi Noceti Palace

The main entrance is located in Piazza della Repubblica, in the historic center of Pontremoli.

How to Visit the Palace

The palace is open by appointment and on special occasions during the year. For information ask the Sigeric tourist guide cooperative.

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