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Santissima Annunziata Church

The Sanctuary church and monastery of the SS. Annunziata

One kilometre south of Pontremoli is the hamlet of Annunziata with its imposing sanctuary church, which was built after a young shepherd-girl witnessed an apparition of the Madonna in 1470 in front of a “maesta’”, a small column with an Afresco of the Annunciation painted on it.
At first a very small chapel was built to house the Afresco and then later due to the numerous pilgrims and local church goers, a bigger church was built, and this was extended various times through the years and lots of works of art were added.
Inside there is a single naive, and here can be found a beautiful marble shrine which was built to contain the altar with the Annunciation Afresco . It was made in workshops in Carrara by excellent local craftsmen, the different parts were transported on mule-backs and reassembled inside the church in 1526. In the niche built facing the other side (on which there is a beautiful ‘polittico’ dating back to the end of the15th century with the Madonna and the Evangelists). The shrine shows a lovely statue of Saint Augustine, as momentum of the long period in which the monks of the Augustine order stayed in the monastery built right next to the church. Wonderful well-made Statues surround the dome of the shrine. On one or more of these worked the sculptor Niccolò Pericoli, nicknamed Tribolo apprentice of Jacopo Tatti “il Sansovino”.
To go up to the shrine there is a door above which there is a bezel with the Annunciation painted on it.
Once inside you can see the grandiose altarpiece of the “Magi Adoration” (1558) a work of Art by the painter Luca Cambiaso from Genoa. Hidden behind this altar is the image of the miracle of the Annunciation, it is possible to see this work of Art thanks to a small side door.
Another noteworthy thing to see is, the beautiful vestry with wood carved furniture by the monk Francesco Battaglia in 1676 and the afrescoed squared 17th century vault carried out by Francesco Natali.

Where is the Santissima Annunziata Church located?

The church is situated in Annunziata, just outside Pontremoli, on the road to Filattiera.

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